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foal at 9:45 am

bay pinto boy, frm Kachina Doll, by Trip
I sat in shop with momma til 2 am, then slept in house recliner til about 5.  was a little rough on mom, at 9 she was an elderly premipara.
many other things to tell, but after losing three posts, short and sweet is this one.

don't look at the background, with our nasty weather we had to clear an area in the shop for them. there may be lot-stuff in the background, but they are on carpet, with heaters going.


First baby of the year?
and last, as well
we're getting too old for this
He's beautiful......I want him. I so want some more mini's. I love them.
thank you
given you avatar, I'm not surprised if you are a little partial to his coloring.
as for more, all it takes is money, and time. some awful cheap ones are going through auctions these days.
He's pretty! Congrats to Kachina!
thank you
she is a little fond of him, herself