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you should know that right now he bites. in a very masculine way.
the vet checked him for gelding, and while his berries are there, the ring that hold them down is not closed yet. otherwise he would already be an AMHR gelding.
DH wants me to list him and his mother on the sale boards for $998 for the pair. (his mother is A/R but not a good broodmare prospect.)
I'm thinking he will need to be weaned by four months at the rate his mom is milking. DH wants offers on him. btw, we also have a mature excellent broodmare for sale, and would sell her with the weaned boy at a better price than Bud and his mother.
How big is the broodmare that you have for sale? Zipper, our little stud, is only about 26inches. I'm looking for a new mare, if I sell my big mare. Got any pics of the broodmare and her foal? How much? Yet another good question, where were you located? I know but my mind has drawn a blank.
She's in central Arkansas, just south of Little Rock.

Jewellann is about 36", but she has pasture bred to stallions under 30"
she's about 11, and has had 6 foals, is currently open.
the pic above shows her on the left with her second to last offspring, the appaloosa Opal.
we're near Little rock, AR
just about an hour from Hot Springs AR and the crystal mines, if one were planning a vacation.
some more recent pics are at http://wynnsfollymini.myhosting.net/Albums/2008/Index13.htm

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