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December looks like that?! YOu suck. I mean that affectionately.
actually, I just needed that picture to deal with December.
that one was taken in June, and for the record, its about six blocks due east of where I was born. I found a CD of old family photos I had scanned 8 or 9 yeara ago, and while uploading them, felt I should update my journal once a year or so.
We got snow today. A light dusting, no more, but still. It should be either a ton or nothing, is my feeling.
no snow yet, but when my husband went out on the front porch this morning, a mighty scream was heard. he forgot to bring in his carefully nurtured pet lime trees last night, and they were exposed to temps below 20 degrees last night.
Oh, God, the poor babies. Are they okay?

Belated thought: is he okay?
I have more hope for them than he does. one tree had dozens of baby limes that are probably all gone. and he fretted and fumed all the way to work. he beats himself up really badly when he forgets something these days. His dad passed away a few years ago from Alzheimers, and every time he forgets something he's sure its a sign of incipient symptoms. right now I'm assuming he made it all the way to work after dropping me off.