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quotes I think I heard

During the week, I heard a number of interesting things on the news. 2 things that stood out (as I remember them - let's just say I'm paraphrasing) follow.

1. On the changes in the economy. "We are going back to the bad old days in the 70s with mortgage loans. Soon no one but people who can actually afford them will be able to get a mortgage."

2. An interview with a ER/trauma doc in Houston, who had obviously been up a long time. "We are still very busy after the storm, with injuries occuring during the clean-up. There are a lot of people out there with chainsaws who have no idea what they are doing."


Both are true, sadly enough. I've lived through many hurricanes. The primary injury post-storm is invariably chainsaw accidents of some sort. I used to work for Mobile Infirmary in Mobile, AL, and once spent a 24 hr shift during hurricane Elena doing nothing but putting together special "chainsaw" packs for the ER. We knew they'd need them.
yeah, I grew up in an area with heavy chainsaw usage.
way back when my sister was first taking CNA training in high school, I think it was the first week she was observing at the local hospital when she saw her first chainsaw accident and had to tell us all about it.
kinda stays with you.
about 15 years ago, I was at work on an evening shift, knowing the spousal unit was home with just himself and his chainsaw.
He calls me about mid-shift - "um, you need to bring home some bandages"
half the store heard me asking him "what did you cut off!"
it turned out that he had skinned up his knuckles on treebark, but I think it may have done more damage to my bloodpressure than anything else.