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ok, to save confusion, a winter picture


OOOOOH, Beautiful!!! Where is it??
short answer: the backside of Buzzard Mountain

long story: a couple of years ago, my husband and I invested in some property with a house that needed a remodel. we did most of it, but working on a site 200 miles away with the increased responsibities of our jobs about did us in. we sold it last summer, and are putting away our profit for investing again.
Its Northwest Arkansas, specifically Madison County, the north side of the Boston Mtn range of the Ozarks.
I've got an album of pictures taken there posted at

it sort of tells the story without words. I still want to live there, if I could figure a way to do it without having to work in the public
ah, well, at least it wasn't a picture of the backside of a buzzard. ;D