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gonna try harder

since I really need to try harder on this blogging thing, thought I'd start with my "vacation".

pls to note: I will mostly be using the phone, including the limitations thereof, so punctuation, formatting and spelling will be below our usual standards.

first day was the rendezvous at Pinnacle Mtn.

this year we took Buddy, the weanling. Was a long long day. didn't have an extra hand for camera, but did start a spindle of alpaca/merino.

found some bargains & DH got some rough rocks & slabs. found something at the 3 vendor booths we always try to buy from.

Buddy started out a little spooked, but settled well. DH had him bathed and fluffy. 7 hours of constant attention made him a very tired boy.

eed n


hey, sorry we didn't see you, were you a tourist,, or in costume?
we actually really enjoy it every year & the boy got a lot of training by the end of the day.
we've been out there the last six or seven years. still only know a couple of folks by name, but recognize a whole bunch of them. oddly enough a bunch of them seem a lot older than I remember....