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food report

Yesterday DH's brother came over to help him hang sheetrock for the sunroom ceiling. His wife and two grandaughters came along.
We pulled out cheeses, apples and various crackers to snack on, then I laid into the bread-making in my first go at breaking in the new stone countertop. Started with the rosemary-garlic focacia dough for a thin crust with cheese for the girls on one side, and a kind of mozzarella tapenade on the other. Then used the balance of that dough in a cake pan, let it rise and filled with fresh goat chevre, carmelized onion and mushrooms. Finished with some sharp grated sheep's milk romano. In between rounds with that dough I started a rich dough to which I added dried fruit and walnuts. Back to another bit of the focacia dough to bake in a single round not quite the size of the entire oven rack.
During a break in the sheetrocking, DH snuck in and added potatoes and such to the chicken-ham stock for a delectable potato soup.
Today we had cabbage, onion, apples and ham seasoned with fennel seed and cider vinegar for lunch. For supper we had ranch chicken and guacamole made from absolutely perfect avocados.