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speckles and spots

Andy is a three year old silver dapple pintoloosa who stands about 30-31". this was his first year for us to breed him, and his girl-friends included a solid silver bay, a solid red with sabino roaning, a dark bay with appaloosa characteristics, a dark dun, and a grulla pinto.
we'll have to wait a while to get the results, but it should be a colorful spring.


What an amazing color and spatter pattern!

horse of a different color

thank you and welcome to my poor efforts at blogging,
its been difficult to get a picture that truly shows his color, and patterns. this one was taken in the early morning, I had managed to get him held out of the direct light, and he was in his shiniest summer coat. He had also been strutting his stuff for the girls for a couple months into breeding season, and was as muscled out as he can get. and of course, being appy, he really broke out with spots and spatters this year. now he's working on roaning out a circle of white around his left eye, and no telling what else will show up in his summer coat.
one of the joys of breeding minis is the incredible variety of color and pattern.