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book list

Blood Orange Brewing - Laura Childs
A Tea Shop Mystery
First time I've read one of these, tho I've heard them mentioned. Mild if bloody Southern-flavored murder mystery. Makes me want to visit the Carolinas, which was aggravated by the fact that just after I read the oyster roast scene we watched Anthony Bourdain at an actual oyster roast. Also makes me want to dig out my linens and teapots.
Have I ever mentioned that as a teenager, I always carried an embroidery project? The tablecloth & napkins were started in high school and not finished until after I got married during that al to brief period where I got to be a housewife.
I also have a teapot collection of sorts, due in part to being around people who actually drank tea way back in the dark ages of my youth.
Even so, I was not exposed to true southern sweet tea until I met DH's family. They put water, teabags, and enough sugar to qualify as syrup in a saucepan then boil it. Makes a dark liquid with enough caffeine and sugar to withstand any amount of dilution with ice and still be tea.