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Jasper & Azalea

a pair of not-quite twins from the spring of 2004, they had the same daddy, Poco, and very different mommas. The filly went to a ranch in Utah, and the colt to a sweet older lady. It was one of those moments you always hope for in selling a horse, when the horse sees the buyer and immediately goes to them and claims them.


The cuteness... oh my gosh...!
Times TWO, even!!!!

thanks you both for you kind words

it got really funny at times, as the best way to tell them apart involved bending over and checking the plumbing....
*I* can see the difference in their topline and off-shoulder markings (though it would take a bit to recall which is which).

Too bad you don't have a 2-horse buggy; I'd have been tempted to at least offer them as a matched team.
it was a lot easier to tell the difference when they weren't moving.