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red plate


Restaurant - Mimi's Cafe
My sister was in town with a friend for shopping, and I met them for dinner at Mimi's.
Despite a complete disaster of a waitress, we had a pretty enjoyable meal. All the entrees were well prepared.
C had Chicken Piccata in a lemon caper brown butter sauce. She loved it and her mashed potatoes, and was less enthusiastic about the asparagus & mushrooms. J had the Chicken Cordon Blue, a breaded & fried version. Her potatoes, however, were absolutely ice cold and inedible. This appeared to be a service issue. I had a Pistachio-crusted Salmon over Tuscan Artichokes. I failed to request my salmon be undercooked, so it was done through, but there was a little bit in the middle still not completely done through. All in all it was some of the best restaurant salmon I've had outside of sushi. The artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes were a little too acidic, but nice.
Then we moved on to dessert. The other two ordered a trio of mousses. Chocolate coverd with strawberries, raspberry, & lemon with a blueberry sauce. The raspberry was light & flavorful. I never got a taste of the chocolate, so evidence suggests it was pretty good. However, the lemon was tart, sweet and darn near perfection.
It was pronounced the hit of the evening. I had the bread pudding, again a very nice ending to a good meal.
Last night DH marinated a venison roast, and cooked it with potatoes, carrots & onion. A side of roasted broccoli & cauliflower was better than he expected. He announced it was almost good enough to eat without the cheese on top.
For dessert, he topped slices of lemon pound cake with key lime yogurt, walnuts & whipped cream. All pre-prepared items, but it all went together nicely