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We've had daffodils in bloom for the entire month of February. The spirea, forsythia, hawthorn & pears are well & truly in bloom. Our peach tree has begun to bloom. So of course we had a snow last night. If we hadn't had it preceded by a good rain, it might have built up. As it was, it washed away by this morning.
We went to the annual flower show on Saturday. Got a little carried away with the concept of a kitchen garden, came home with lavender, thyme, sage, stevia & french sorrel. DH was in search of pawpaws to plant, and got info for a nursery west of here.
We went to pick up some lumber for fixing up the guest room, and I picked up some cheap seeds to start.
I made a cottage loaf of whole grain bread, with whole wheat, barley, oats, & amaranth along with fresh milk, eggs & honey. I just realized I forgot the salt.
I should have baked it at 400 instead of 425 for the 25 minutes it took. Still a tasty breakfast bread. Looking forward to eating it with some goat cheese mixed with cranberries & pecans.