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a question for those who might read this

would anyone object or be taken aback if I tell stories about birthin horsies?
I'm finding that as I go through the pictures that I need to remember those somewhat memorable but gory adventures, especially as they relate to how the babies turn out, and don't want to scare anyone or abuse their sensibilities.
but I need a lot more practice in using it. frex, I should relate the story of how Azalea was one of the trickeir births we've had, since she never presented on  front leg and had to be delivered with her right front leg  tucked down the length of her body, and rotated until she turned at the right angle before clearing the pelvis of her mother, who was one of the smallest mares we'd foaled out to date.   She spent a good twenty minutes with just her head and one leg out, talking to us while we walked and worked on her mother, trying to reach past and find her other leg. as a result, she wound up much more imprinted on us than on her momma. actually, this was the first time that DH had to "go in", as I didn't have the hand strength to turn her as needed.
so will this be ok? after all, I should warn those who don't know it already that serious animal husbandry always seems to involve an element of "and i need to put my hand where?"


I would read it. But I am not squeamish. :)
No objections or aback-tion at all.
There's a scene in the original "All Creatures Great and Small" movie showing James spreadeagled on the stall floor, shirtless, with one arm shoulder-deep in the birth canal of either a cow or a mare, I forget which.

At least y'all don't have to reach THAT far...
despite having full length OB sleeves in the foaling kit, much past wrist-deep should involve a visit from the vet with these guys.
now I'm having flash-backs from the farrowing pens we had at home when I was just out of High-school.
among the things I've learned is that amniotic fluid results in permanent stains on old Roc*Kon t-shirts.
Honey, if folks on my own friends-list get disgusted with my lamb birthing stories, they're welcome to not read it. :) Fire away with the horse birthing stories!