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ooo doggies!

because we are sad sad people with no life, just adventures in shameless self-promotion with regards to the minis...

the Arkanasas Celtic Music Society hosts a fair each year, and last February we were asked to provide the equine element of Celtic tradition. This is to balance the Irish Wolfhound group, who do a rescue presentation. this guy is indeed as tall as our larger mini exhibited, Darlin, but it is Belladunna who is in charge of intimidating potential rivals for attention.

additional pictures begin at
following pics from some other events where we've exhibited our horses.
this was also an excuse to me to buy DH a kilt in something close to the correct tartan.


HEEEEEE!!! ZOMG Die from the CUTE!!!!! :)
thanks, these are indeed two of my favorite girls. we are really hoping that they both are working on babies for next year.