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my week in review

as I look up and go "whoa, what day is it?"
lessee, I managed to get a couple things done at home Saturday, including finally putting photo prints in the room divider/picture frame that seperates the bedromm from the half bath. then to work, by 2:40pm on Saturday, to catch up on everything that didn't get done because I'd lost a week or so from the first of the month, giving up at 3am, locked the door of my office, and crashed on my couch. woke up at 9:46. made coffee, and back to work, left finally just before 2:30pm, and decided to head to wally-world to pick up some scrip refills for DH, along with pet food and other essentials to living. decided I needed a really good meal, and went to Sam's for inspiration. wound up with birdseed salad, a mixture of spring greens and sam's choice nature style trail mix. (this has soynuts, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, and a few other assorted dried fruits and nuts.)
an appetizer went into the oven of beer battered shrimp, then while the fresh ravioli was boiling, I popped in the frozen crab cakes, made a quick white wine and cream sauce with garlic and pine nuts for the pasta, and we finished by sauteing portabella mushrooms to sit under the crab cakes, topped with a raspberry chipotle sauce.. approx 30 minutes after I got home, it was all done and served.
since then Its just been work, getting invoices and checks out the door. my bookkeeping for the month has to be done before the end of the week, so that any last minute adjustments can be made to close the year nlt Thursday of next week.
then I need to catch up on all reports I've put off all year, emptying at least two file cabinets to send to storage, and re-arranging my office to clear out all the old year's clutter, and give it all a fresh look. Including hanging the two watercolors I've got waiting for framing in the living room at home. I've bought several originals from Jill Claire, off her ebay site http://stores.ebay.com/In-the-Long-Run and while she's selling more prints than originals, all are well worth your time to check her out.
this is a thumbnail of the first painting I purchased from her. I've also had the opportunity to buy end lots of shirts and prints, that I've use to donate an item to varioous charities when appropriate for them to sell. so far this year, she's responsible for raising over $100 at different events,