Mood to bake

This weekend, cooking shows we're running New Orleans recipes, one of which featured a king cake.
My version started with a sweet yeast dough, flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, added cranberries and almonds, and filled with lightly sweetened cream cheese whipped with egg for a cheesecake filling.
Took less than half a cup of sugar for the whole thing. It is nice to bake again.

Which way am I going?

Smoky mtn
Just glad to get nearly through the end of a fiscal year, and move forward. I guess that's one of the challenges of being a bookkeeper, whether at end of month or end of year, you're looking backward as at the same time, you are moving forward. This sense of dislocation seems to be my natural state anyway.
In other absolutely unique news, it's cold.


A big part of my dreams involve visiting certain places, not always as they were in this space-time continuum.
The old home place where my mother grew up hasn't been lived in for decades, but is deeply a part of me.
Last night I dreamed of staying there, in a mixture of how it was when my grand-parents were there and how I'd like it to be now.
Of course, I'd like to be as young as I remember too, since my memories of the place end in my teens, nearly a decade before I met DH.

Things that glow in the dark

Yesterday, I had a discussion on Facebook with my sister about collecting Vaseline glass, which glows under black-lights.
Today I'm the one who should glow in the dark, as it is time for scans again. This should be my last one on the six month schedule, and the next should be a year from now. I've had all the PET/CT scans insurance will pay for, and now I'm getting a combo of CAT and bone scans.
Both involve drinking contrast liquid and a radioactive injection. I have to admit I kind of enjoy the bitter tonicwater taste of the contrast liquid. I just have trouble remembering what kind of routine I should follow beforehand. Part of the confusion results from switching types of scanning on short notice because insurance. I was prepared for one, then got the other. But there are worse types of medical investigative procedures to have. The only complaint about doing it annually is that I just hit my deductible on one visit. So now I'm guaranteed to use my deductible every year, and insurance won't really have to pay out anything.



Last night's main dream involved organizing a fishing expedition for my dad. I could not be there because of work, and only about a quarter of the group stayed for the whole thing.

Nothing Freudian to see at all.

In other news, still working on the complete crossposting thing, making a couple of tweaks.

Sunday after I realized a tree needed to be cut down in the back, we went to HD to buy a cordless electric chainsaw. Himself didn't want to do everything needed to get one of his old gas ones working, and we figured that the cost of repairing it would be about the same as buying a new one. Tools just don't seem to last decades anymore. I expect a report on how functional it is later today, if I don't get any calls involving a trip to the doctor.